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  • 3 Reasons RUF Loves K-Week

    I have a very unique job. I feel this most acutely during K-Week. K-Week is a "welcome week" for new students at the University of Kentucky. It is 7-10 days of fun events, informational sessions, residence hall meetings, activity fairs, and lots and lots of free stuff. Throughout this week, I find myself loading up my car with RUF stadium cups, icee pops, RUF banners, frisbees, glow sticks, and staying up way later than I should each night as we host and attend events.

    But I really love K-Week, and RUF loves K-Week. Here's why:

    1. RUF loves K-Week because it allows us to serve the University

    We are a ministry that is for the university. We proactively look for ways to serve this campus, to make it a better place. When we put on events during K-Week, we are seeking to serve the university by welcoming new students to campus simply by giving them something fun to do and by being a warm, welcoming face in a new unfamiliar environment.

    2. RUF loves K-Week because it allows us to show the love of Christ to students

    It's difficult to transition from high school to college. You move away from long, close friendships, from familiarity, from family - into a new environment with academic, social, and emotional pressures to navigate. As RUF hosts events and spends time with new students, we get to welcome students with the love of Christ. We have the privilege of extending hospitality, warmth, and friendship to students in the midst of the chaos of the adjustment to college.

    3. RUF loves K-Week because it allows us to connect students to our ministry

    Each year we host an Ultimate Frisbee event on the intramural fields. Hundreds of students come out and play Ultimate for hours. Off to the side of the field, we have a table set up with information about RUF. Last year at the end of the night, a student came to our table, looked at our information, and said, "I had no idea there was a Christian ministry like this on campus! I'm excited to come check it out!" The next night that student attended our first large group, joined a small group, and became involved in the life of our ministry. This year that student is on our leadership team and is preparing to welcome students into RUF in the same way he was welcomed in last year. K-Week was his connection point to RUF.

    If you're a student, check out our schedule of K-Week events here. We'd love to meet you in the next few weeks. If you're a supporter, parent, or friend of our ministry, would you pray and ask God to bless RUF during K-Week?

    See ya on the field!