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  • Staff Intro: Caroline White

    We are excited to introduce another new addition to our staff, Caroline White! Caroline will be serving in a staff position to help us further our mission of reaching students for Christ and equpping students to serve, with special emphasis on overseeing all of our efforts to reach female students at UK. I sat down with Caroline to ask her a few questions that will allow you to get to know her...

    JD: Tell us where you’re coming from and what you’ve been up to these past few years?

    CW: I moved to Lexington this summer from Starkville, Mississippi. The RUF internship sent me there after college to serve at Mississippi State University. I stayed for 3 years, and left with a few cowbells and incredibly sweet friendships.     

    JD: Why RUF staff?

    CW: I love RUF. I love working for RUF for the same reasons I loved being involved in RUF as a student at SMU: I'm given Jesus-- my tired, hurting, fearful heart needs him.  The unique joy of working for RUF is getting to watch the extraordinary redemption & beauty unfold out of a community that is looking at the face of God together. There's nothing I love more than the privilege of being invited into a student's life, having the time and space to see, hear, and love her, and most of all, getting to watch the Lord at work in her. I took this job because I love being involved in what God is doing in the lives of college students, and because I care deeply about the future church. 

    JD: What about living in Lexington excites you the most?

    CW: The people! Meeting new people, and living near my family again (I'm originally from Lexington). 

    JD: When you’re not hanging out with students on campus next year, what will you spend your time doing?

    CW: Exploring all of the things going on around town-- markets, festivals, restaurants, art, & music. 

    JD: Favorite donut?

    CW: I'm usually satisfied with a cup of coffee, but I'd never refuse a bite of a blueberry cake. 

    JD: Favorite Netflix binge show?

    CW: The Office


    We are thrilled to have Caroline join our team this year! Here are two ways you can partner with her as she transitions to Lexington:

    1) Pray for Caroline as she settles into Lexington, says goodbye to old friends and meets new ones, joins our church, and begins planning for the fall semester.

    2) Support Caroline financially. Staff raise 100% of ministry expenses and salary - monthly giving would be particularly helpful in sustaining Caroline's minstry at UK over the longhaul.