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  • Campus Minister Introduction: Sam Taaffe

    Last summer we introduced to you Caroline and Wilson... two new members of the RUF at UK staff team. We're pumped for you to meet the newest addition to our crew, Sam Taaffe, UK RUF's next campus minister!  RUF is committed to having ordained, seminary trained campus ministers serving on the college campus. And we couldn't be more thrilled to have such a pastor serving the University of Kentucky in Sam. The Taaffes officially moved to Lexington this week and have begun work with UK RUF. We sat down with Sam and asked him a few questions to help you get to know him a bit... 

    UK RUF: Tell us where you're coming from and what you've been up to these past few years.

    Sam: We are moving here from Murfreesboro, TN, where I have been working with RUF at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) for the past four years. Before that, we lived in Mississippi, where I went to seminary. 

    UK RUF: Why work for RUF? 

    Sam: My wife Anne and I have loved RUF for a long time. It was through RUF at the University of Georgia that God saved me and gave me a deep love for the Gospel. Anne went to Auburn, and grew so much during her time there. The friends we made through RUF still remain some of our closest friends. After college we both served as RUF interns, and actually met through the internship (at RUF Summer Conference!). We are so thankful to work for a ministry that God has used so profoundly in our lives and the lives of so many; we can't wait to share in the work He is doing at UK! 

    UK RUF: What about living in Lexington excites you the most? 

    Sam: A LOT! Anne is from Lexington and has always loved this town. As we have spent so much time here over the years, I have grown to love it as well.  In addition to being a great town, we have some pretty great friends and family here (Anne's parents- Gary and Linda, Sam's sister and her family- the Carters, along with many of Anne's lifelong friends). We are so excited to try out the many new restaurants that have popped up over the past few years, go to UK sporting events, hike the gorge, and just explore this city and the beautiful countryside that surrounds it! We are always looking for new things to do, so let us know if there are other cool places we should check out! 

    UK RUF: When you're not hanging out with students on campus next year, what will you spend your time doing? 

    Sam: Spending time with the family [we have 3 boys- Finn (4), Charlie (3), and Patrick (8 months)] watching sports, playing sports, reading, playing board games, cooking out, trying to exercise (see: next question). 

    UK RUF: Favorite donut? 

    Sam: I'm a sucker for the chocolate icing donut at Magees. My wife is a Spaldings person. We are working through this. 

    UK RUF: Favorite Netflix binge show? 

    Sam: Sherlock, ESPN 30 for 30s, The Crown 


    We are thrilled to have the Taaffe (pronounced like: "taf") family here! 

    Here are two ways you can partner with them as they transition to Lexington:

    1. Pray for Sam, Anne, and their boys as they settle into Lexington and begin to lead the ministry at UK. 
    2. Support the Taaffes financially. Campus ministers raise 100% of ministry expenses and salary - monthly giving would be particularly helpful in sustaining their ministry at UK over the longhaul.