• 3 Reasons You Should Join an RUF Small Group

    This fall UK RUF will offer a handful of different small group Bible studies that will meet at different times, in different places, and discuss different topics. What I have experienced in my own life and witnessed in the lives of students is that small groups can be one of the most impactful ways of growing in your faith during college.

    Here are three reasons you should join one this fall:

    1. You want to know more about the Bible

    Many people have questions about the Bible, many of us feel like we don't know as much as we should - or as much as our peers do - about the Bible. In RUF, we structure our small groups in such a way that they are safe, welcoming places for you to bring your questions, doubts, and insecurities and freely study and discuss the meaning of the text. Small groups offer a unique way to learn more about the Bible because you can ask questions, discuss, disagree, and work through the application of the text with your peers.

    2. You long for meaningful friendships

    The first few meetings in a small group can be...awkward. You don't really know these people, they are a little different than your typical friend group, and they don't know you. This is where there is a great opportunity in your small group - to build solid, meaningful friendships around something substantial - the Word of God. Stick with it, because as you meet together week after week, go out to grab dinner afterwards, and see each other around campus, you'll quickly realize these people in your small group are actually becoming some of your best friends. I still keep in touch with friends today that I met in an RUF small group back in 2003.

    3. You need a place you can be honest

    As you settle into life on campus this fall you'll meet lots of people in lots of different contexts. Each time you introduce yourself or walk into a new social setting, you'll be projecting an image of who you are, or in reality, who you think these people want you to be. A small group is a safe place where, over time, you can begin to be honest about who you are, what you long for, what you're afraid of - and you'll have a group of people around you that are committed to walking through these things with you and praying for you.

    So, jump in a small group this fall. Bring your questions, your doubts, and let's walk together into a deeper understanding of who God is and who we are.


  • Gearing up for the fall semester!

    One of my favorite things about the summer as a Campus Minister is having time to reflect on the previous year and plan for the year ahead. As a staff we take time to evaluate what went well, make any necessary changes, and begin to make plans for the coming semester.

    The planning really begins before the spring semester ends. We meet as a staff in April & May to begin outlining our Large Group teaching series, Small Group Bible studies, outreach events, and conference plans. We also meet with our Ministry Team (student leaders) to get their input on the upcoming year. At this point in the summer, we are in the thick of planning K-Week, Fall Conference, and everything that we'll do as a ministry in the fall.

    While we're still finalizing these plans, here's a taste of what's to come:

    • K-Week: Truly one of the most fun weeks of the year! We'll be at all the fairs with RUF info (and RUF "swag" - cups, stickers, goodies); AND we'll hold our two annual events - Ultimate Frisbee and Capture the Flag! These events will bring out hundreds of students to the Johnson Center Fields and are a great way to meet new students, hear more about RUF, and have fun before classes start! Watch the K-Week guidebook for more details!
    • Large Group: I'm so excited for Large Group this year. We'll be looking at the Gospel of John asking the question "Who is the real Jesus?". I love the gospels, I especially love John's Gospel and am looking forward to diving in this fall. We'll continue to meet on Wednesdays at 8pm - BUT, we'll be meeting in our new location, Sanders Chapel. This space will fit our group perfectly and will be great for Large Group since it used to be the chapel for the seminary that UK now owns. It'd be great to walk over and check it out before the first Large Group on August 26th!
    • Small Groups: Just like every semester, we'll offer a variety of small group Bible studies at different times and in different locations on and around campus. You need to join a small group! This is the best way study the Bible in-depth with your peers and to build friendships centered around your faith. Stay tuned for more details!
    • Fall Conference: This is one of my favorite weekends of the year! We go to the greatest place on earth, Camp Greystone, for a weekend of great teaching, fellowship, and fun in the mountains. Trust me, you won't want to miss this! Stay tuned for dates/costs.

    We've got a lot of great things planned for the fall and would love for you to consider joining us. Regardless of your doubts or beliefs, you're invited to come and consider the claims of Christianity. See ya at K-Week!